The Risks of Wearing High Heels All the Time

It is true that high heels are an indispensable part of a woman’s outfit, but there is no denying the discomfort it provides. The fact is that even the priciest pair will leave your feet aching after walking in it for a couple of hours. Undeniably, beauty is a pain, and women like you make sacrifices for the sake of fashion. However, you need to know that your feet might acquire serious problems due to the constant wearing of high heels all day long every single day. That’s why the concept of wearing low heels continually gains popularity all over Australia recently since most women find flat shoes as senseless fashion. You can imagine low heels like the middle ground between flats and high heels.


1 – Continuous wearing of high heels will lead to cosmetic issues for the feet.


Hammertoes, bunions and ingrown toenails are only some of the unsightly foot issues that are caused by the pressure your toes experience after being pressed forward. If you already have them, no doubt it will get worst in no time. If you don’t have them, they can develop most especially if you have a genetic component. So, if you do not want to create or worsen the cosmetic issues with your feet, it is imperative that you consider looking for an excellent footwear alternative immediately.


2 – High heels may correspond to injuries, too.


Continuous wearing of high heels can lead to all sorts of painful problems that can be similarly compared to how overusing muscles can cause injuries. Straining your ankles and other tendons surrounding the foot can significantly result in tendonitis. Since your foot is elevated and the weight goes forward, a lot of tension gets taken off the Achilles tendon, and it shortens over time. That’s why most of the women who are little older feel uncomfortable wearing flats since their tendons are already too tight from over wearing of high heels in their entire life.



3 – You can twist your ankle if you are clumsy with those heels.


Ankle twist or sprain is a severe concern if you wear high heels when you know that you have terrible balance, or you are incredibly drunk after partying all night.


4 – There is a chance that high heels can affect your foot’s natural cushioning.


The fat pad on the lowest part of your foot will undeniably start to become a lot thinner over time if you overuse high heels. If you no longer have a natural cushion anymore, you can get generalise pain on the bottom of the foot which is known as metatarsalgia.


Aside from fashion, bear in mind to choose a shoe that can also provide comfort and will not offer cosmetic issues. Although the best thing to do is not wear heels, we can’t deny that sometimes in our lives, we will need it. So if you do need one, purchase a heel that is made with cushioning and a proper arch, or better yet settle for comfortable low heels instead.