4 Tips for Better Bales Using a Silage Wrap

Baling is an incredibly tedious and time-sensitive task. It requires your full attention to get the best results possible. You’ll also need to use high-quality silage wrap to make sure you yield the best quality forage for your farm animals. Anyone doesn’t like spoils and silage quality loss. That’s why in this article, we’re going to help you minimise your mistakes during baling. Here are four essential tips that you should follow to ensure better baling using the silage wrap.

Silage WrapDetermine the Shape of Your Bales

There are two main shapes that you can choose for your bales: round or square. Square bales are great for stacking and are preferable for indoor storage. The shape is used to stack bales to one another to ensure a more compact form and guarantee lesser spoilage on the outer portions of the silage. Round bales are more common for outdoor storage. The shape helps withstand any outdoor elements and ensures that no moisture will penetrate through and alter the quality of your bales. It also makes sure of producing better quality silage even when you store it outside/ By using a silage wrap; you can make sure that your bales are wrapped firmly to ensure that the shape will be consistent.

Store Your Silage Right Away

Fresh silage contains all the nutrients that your farm animals will need once they become forage. Once it’s chopped and harvested, all of these nutrients will start seeping out and changing the quality of your silage. That’s why you need to store it right away. By doing so, you will preserve the quality of your bales and lock in the freshness during the storage process. The results will be healthy, nutritious, and high-quality fodder for your farm animals to enjoy.

Give Them Some Room to Breath

When storing your bales, make sure you don’t wrap them too tight. A tight wrap will bruise your bales and squeeze all of the nutrients from it. The result will be more dry matter then fresh forage. They need some space to breathe, which is why you should leave a small room of space to let it develop naturally.

Use High-quality Silage Wrap

The quality of the plastic wrap you use will reflect on the quality of bales that you produce. If you use a low-quality wrap, then chances are it will affect the quality of your bales. By using high-quality silage wrap, you can ensure that it’s made of all-natural material, which doesn’t affect the quality of your silage. Premium silage wraps also don’t contain any chemical properties that might contribute to more spoils.