The Top 2 Best Affordable Wardrobes Adelaide of 2020

Store your precious clothes inside a beautiful piece of furniture that won’t even cost much. It’s a new year, which means it’s time to give you a list of the best wardrobes for 2020. This time, we’d like to mix things up and focus more on budget-friendly choices. We understand that not everyone has the extravagant budget to afford super expensive closets. That’s why we did our research and have come up with two of the best affordable wardrobes Adelaide for 2020. Continue reading now and discover all of our top picks.


Best Overall Choice: Pinellas TV-Armoire by Breach Crest Homes


The best wardrobe should be functional, affordable, and can highly complement any large design scheme. Since a standard wardrobe is always hidden, you’d want to make sure that it looks great and complements your bedroom décor. At the same time, it shouldn’t be an eyesore. That’s why the Pinellas TV armoire by Breach Crest Homes is our top pick for this year’s best overall wardrobe. It has everything that anyone would love in a wardrobe. It’s spacious and looks beautiful in any space. Measuring around 71.54” by 40.26” by 21.54”, it has the perfect dimensions to fit in everything you need to put away. It features a single bar for hanging and two slide drawers for folded pieces of linens. If you want to know more about this fantastic wardrobe, check out our product page by clicking this link.


Best Choice, Budget-Wise: Andover Mills Revere Armoire


There’s a reason why we made a list of the best affordable wardrobes Adelaide, and that’s showing you a list of affordable closets so that you can get a quality one even if you’re on a tight budget. But if you’re genuinely looking for something easy on your wallet, you can make any mistakes by choosing the Andover Mills Revere Armoire. At $250 – even less when it’s on sale – this wardrobe is a solid choice for all bedrooms without having to sacrifice both style and durability. The Andover Mills Revere Armoire is an excellent choice for storing excess clothing like sweaters, pants, and linens. It doesn’t have a hanging rod, but you can install one separately. Overall, its features and the overall price is such a win-win for anyone.


While we only have two options for the best affordable wardrobes Adelaide, we can assure you that it’s the only choice you need. So if you’re interested in purchasing either one of these fantastic closets, make sure you check them out on our product page. Click here to learn more.