Benefits of MANNIX Ducted Gas Heating

Ducted gas heating is taking over the heating systems industry, and for good reasons. It’s a highly efficient and reliable heating system. Take advantage of it by installing a MANNIX ducted gas heating system today! Here are some of its benefits:

ducted gas heatingMake Your Home Eco-friendly

The first thing we want to talk about is how environment-friendly ducted gas heating is as a heating system. Unlike other heating options like coal or electricity, ducted gas heating produces lower greenhouse gas emissions. That means it’s a lot safer to use and does not affect the state of the environment. One of the main reasons why air conditioners and gas heaters were touted as harmful to the environment because they produce high gas emissions. However, that isn’t the case for ducted gas heating as it’s the exact opposite.

Instant Heating Solution

We’ve all experienced that moment when the temperature drops all of a sudden, and we want instant heat right away. If you’re relying on a reverse cycle air conditioner, it’s going to take you several minutes before you can start to feel a little bit of warm air. By the time your entire home gets warm, you or one of your family members may have already suffered from hypothermia. That’s why you need to switch to MANNIX ducted gas heating. This type of heating system provides instant heat in a matter of seconds. That means you don’t have to wait long to get comfortable again. It’s perfect for emergencies as you can provide warm air right away.

The Air Isn’t Irritating

Have you ever tried breathing through the air of your reverse cycle air conditioner? Does it make you want to cough for ages? That’s because the warm air produced by electricity tends to be dry and irritating. That makes reverse cycle systems less ideal for people with asthma or allergies. Instead, you should go for ducted gas heating systems. Unlike reverse cycle air conditioning units, the air is moist and is easy to breathe. That makes is much more comfortable and relaxing when your heating system is ducted gas heating.

Can Heat Your Entire Home

Finally, MANNIX ducted gas heating features a web of ducts that are interconnected into a single system. Each duct is connected to all of your rooms in the house via vents. That way, you can potentially heat your entire home using only a single system. Now that’s convenience and efficiency in one!