Audiometry Tells You What’s Happening in Your Ear

An audiometry exam is a non-invasive, painless hearing test Adelaide that measures the capability of a person to hear various pitches, sounds, or frequencies. Audiometry tests are usually done in private clinics or audiology centres where patients with certain hearing problems can be assessed and receive treatment. Patients with a hearing impairment detected by an audiometry exam can get their hearing checked either before or after getting treated for a hearing problem. In addition, audiometry is used in hospitals and medical facilities to detect or treat hearing loss. In some cases, audiometry is also used as a complementary therapy, such as noise reduction or background hearing improvement.

When you take a hearing test, your audiologist will play recorded, soft music through a computerized device and play it at different volumes. The sounds will be played at approximately 100 frequencies each. In this way, your audiologist will determine the highest and lowest sounds that you can hear and the most distracting tones. Click here for info.

Your audiologist will use the information derived from your listening test to match your ear type to the most appropriate test frequency during the audiometry process. He will also match your physiology (or how you perceive sounds) to the most appropriate testing frequency. For instance, if you have difficulty hearing higher frequency sounds, your audiometry results will show you the lowest frequency that you can detect. Next, your audiologist will play the sounds and ask you to match them to your hearing. Once you have matched the sounds correctly, your audiologist will give you your results.

Your hearing test Adelaide results will include a summary of all the sounds you heard and the frequencies that each sound occurred at. One of the main tests your doctor will use for your hearing test is called speech discrimination. Speech discrimination is the ability to tell different languages apart. If you have ever had a conversation in two or more languages, you likely have some level of speech discrimination. It doesn’t matter how many languages you speak; it is important that you can distinguish between the languages.

Your hearing test Adelaide will show you where you are in your range of hearing loss. It may seem odd at first to assume that you are way beyond the normal hearing range. However, your audiologist can explain how this works. The difference between hearing loss and hearing levels is that the latter is much worse than the former.

During your hearing test, your audiologist will place various sensors in your inner ear to map the electrical impulses that enter your inner ear. These readings are then converted into an electronic signal that your hearing test machine can read. With your help, your doctor will run various tests to see where exactly you are in terms of your hearing loss. From this information, your doctor will determine which audiometry treatment options are best suited for your situation.