Sand & Cement Rendering Adelaide Vs. Thin Coat Rendering Systems – Which is Better?

Up until a decade ago, people who decide to render their properties had only one option – sand & cement rendering Adelaide. Made by a mixture of four parts sand and one part cement, sand and cement rendering was considered as the most widely used rendering. It still is today; but now, people have options. The problem with sand and cement renders is its lack of give and flexibility. Fortunately, rendering has undergone a series of changes and innovations over the past few years. Nowadays, people have the option to use newer and more advanced types of rendering options. These days, thin coat renders are already a thing.


Made from coloured renders and breathable stretch renders, it gives some flexibility to your walls that most homeowners didn’t have before. Sand and cement are already an outdated rendering option, and we’re going to tell you why this is the case:


Sand and Cement Renders Can Easily Crack


Again, one of the main drawbacks of sand and cement render is its lack of flexibility. If you didn’t know, the size of a building tends to change in size. Over the course of a year, your house will experience expansions and contractions depending on the season. Yes, your walls shrink during the winter and expand during the summer. This subtle yet constant change in the size of your walls are the reasons why your sand & cement rendering Adelaide tends to develop cracks over the years, no matter how much you take good care of them. At first, you will start seeing hairline cracks. You may think that this is a minor thing, but this small, unnoticeable crack will escalate and eventually become bigger. The next thing you’ll notice is that you’re already dealing with a massive break on your wall.



Thin Coat Render Systems Are Virtually Crack Proof


While they aren’t a hundred per cent crack-proof, thin coat renders are better at preventing them compared to sand and cement. Since it can be flexible, it can adjust to the expanding and contracting nature of your walls. This feature is one of the reasons why most homeowners are shying away from traditional cement and sand renders in favour of the more convenient thing coat render system.


So, the simple yet significant feature of flexibility and breathability is the determining factor which gives thin coat layers the edge over sand & cement rendering Adelaide. For more rendering side-by-side comparisons, check out our blog page now.