Solar Thermal Energy Systems for Your Home

Solar power is the direct conversion of solar energy from the sun into electrical energy, either directly utilising photovoltaics (PV) cells, indirectly concentrating solar power systems, or a combination of both. Solar cells are made from silicon that absorbs solar energy as photons are emitted by sunlight. Photovoltaic (PV) cells are interconnected in series. The number of PV cells in a panel determines the amount of electrical energy the panel can produce.

Solar thermal systems convert solar energy into thermal energy. This is commonly used in homes, businesses, and farms to provide hot water and warmth. Solar thermal systems utilise heat exchangers, boilers, and pumps to transform solar energy into thermal energy. These renewable energy sources are useful in applications where heating and air conditioning require a high electricity demand.

There are many ways to convert solar energy into other forms; click to read. In addition to directly utilising solar cells for electrical power, you can also build solar panels and use those panels to generate electricity for your household. If you do not want to build solar panels, you can purchase an off the shelf solar energy generator and connect it to the grid of your electricity provider.

solar-power-adelaideMany utility companies offer solar panels and can supply the needed electricity for your home. Some areas have rebates available to assist individuals in meeting their energy needs at home. To determine how many rebates are available in your area, contact your local electric grid. If you generate enough electricity from solar energy to supplement your household’s electricity needs, you may qualify for a rebate check from your electric company.

Although solar thermal energy can be directly employed to produce electricity in a home, it is better employed in industrial, commercial and landscaping applications. You can use solar thermal power in Solar power Adelaide to heat water, generate electricity for home use, and sterilise things like swimming pools and poolside. Solar thermal energy does not create pollutants or leave a lasting impact on the environment.

Building and using passive solar energy systems can save you money on electricity costs and reduce your impact on the environment. The initial outlay of installing these systems may seem expensive, but the long-term savings and benefits far outweigh the initial costs. With today’s resources and technology, it has become much easier to harness solar thermal energy systems. The addition of solar thermal energy systems to existing structures will allow homeowners to significantly reduce their electrical bills while still having a good quality of life. Many people even earn additional money by operating panel farms.