What You Need to Know Before Taking Your Transport Learners Test

Drivers learners test is a significant step in your journey towards earning your driver’s license and becoming a skilled motorist. However, before you book a transport learners test, you need to make sure you get familiar with it first. You can’t just take a learners permit test without knowing the coverage, the number of items and the duration of the entire learners permit exam. The learners permit test is a well-structured examination with several nuances that you will need to know before becoming confident enough to take the learners permit exam. Here are few things beginners should know about the learners permit exam:


Learners Test Coverage

The learner’s driving licence tests cover four main areas – eyesight, knowledge of road rules and safety regulations, hazard perception skills and practical driving skills.


  • Eyesight: vision screening is done to check if the learners can see clearly enough at a distance of 20 feet (about six metres) away from them without using glasses or contact lenses. This test will determine if your eyesight doesn’t have any impairments that can hinder your driving.
  • Knowledge of Road Rules and Safety Regulations: learners should know all the road rules and safety regulations to make sure they are familiar with how a learner is expected to drive. At the same time, all of this information will be valuable once they start their driver’s training.
  • Hazard Perception Skills: learners need to be able to identify various hazards on or near the road for them to avoid these dangers and other drivers.
  • Traffic Signs: learners should know the different traffic signs and what they mean to avoid any unfortunate incidents.


Criteria for Learners Permit Test Eligibility

Before you can take the test, you need to make sure that you meet the requirements to become eligible. Here are some of these criteria:


  • The student must be 16 years old or older.
  • The student must have completed at least 40 hours of supervised practice.
  • The student must have submitted a completed driver’s license application.
  • The student must have a learners permit.
  • The student must be in good physical health and able to operate the vehicle safely.


Make sure you meet all of these criteria to make sure that you are eligible before you take the learners permit test.


How to Prepare for Your Learners Test

You may be eager to take your learners permit test after completing the requirements, but you must prepare for the test before doing so. Fortunately, there are several ways in which you can adequately prepare for your learners permit exam and come out on top:


  • You should study all of the relevant information about driving safety. Specifically, study and review the “Road to Solo Driving” handbook.
  • You should also study the learners permit test questions and answers. You can get some online or take a learners practice test, which is the closest to the transport learners test questions and answers you will see on your learners permit examination.
  • You should also study the rules of driving in your respective state so that they are second nature to you before taking the learners permit exam.
  • The last thing you need to do is take shortcuts off-limits until after passing your learners permit! Combine these strategies
  • If you have a friend or family member who has taken their learners permit exam, ask them for any tips that may help you on your examination.